Markets We Serve - Berkley Renewable Energy

Markets We Serve

We serve a wide range of clients supporting the production of renewable energy including contractors, manufacturers and operational facilities in the solar, wind, biomass (including ethanol) and geothermal segments.

Examples of Targeted Operations include the following:

  • On-shore domestic renewable energy operations, including wind, solar and biomass
  • Hydro (casualty coverage only) and geothermal operations

Types of operations include:

  • Contractors performing installation, service and maintenance
  • Operators of facilities
  • Distributors of products
  • Non-critical part manufacturers

Examples of Targeted Customers include the following:

    • Wind turbine O&M contractors
    • Solar contractors (minimal residential work < 15%)
    • Specialty contractors performing work for renewable and some conventional energy utilities
    • Operators of ethanol, geothermal, wind, solar or small hydro facilities
    • Waste to energy facilities (generating electricity)
    • Anaerobic digester gas to electricity operations
    • Meteorological condition assessment and measuring services
    • Project developers
    • Manufacturers or distributors of renewable energy equipment (non-critical component parts)